4-D algorithm
4-D descent advisor algorithm
aiming algorithm
Bayesian algorithm
Beam-Warming algorithm
CFD algorithm
Cholesky algorithm
command generation algorithm
computational fluid dynamics algorithm
control algorithm
decomposition algorithm
design algorithm
diagnosing algorithm
diagnosis algorithm
display algorithm
engagement algorithm
estimation algorithm
Euler equation algorithm
explicit-implicit algorithm
feasible directions algorithm
feedback algorithm
filter algorithm
finite-volume algorithm
flight management algorithm
flight path algorithm
flux-split algorithm
FMS algorithm
frequency domain algorithm
Gauss-Newton algorithm
geometry generation algorithm
gradient-based algorithm
grid algorithm
guidance algorithm
gunnery algorithm
hidden surface algorithm
image-display algorithm
Lanczos algorithm
least-squares algorithm
Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm
linear quadratic algorithm
MacCormack algorithm
maneuver algorithm
maneuvering algorithm
marching algorithm
maximum likelihood estimate algorithm
minimum variance algorithm
motion drive algorithm
motion-base drive algorithm
multigrid algorithm
Navier-Stokes algorithm
Newton-Raphson algorithm
nonlinear programming algorithm
optimization algorithm
planning algorithm
pole placement algorithm
Potter algorithm
QR algorithm
relaxation algorithm
scheduling algorithm
search algorithm
shock fitting algorithm
shock-capturing algorithm
speed profile algorithm
speed selection algorithm
stability algorithm
state estimation algorithm
steepest descents algorithm
synthesis algorithm
thrust algorithm
time-split algorithm
time-to-go algorithm
trim algorithm
two-stage algorithm of splitting
up-date algorithm
upwind algorithm
upwind-differenced algorithm
variable-gain algorithm
weighted least squares
zonal algorithm

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